About Us

SMVG (Smart Money Verse Gold) is the new generation Crypto Coin under the Binance Smart Chain. Vision is to create a community through the whole world to grow the coin rapidly.

The token was launched with the idea of offering real-world value. Too many tokens have been launched without the ability to be used for REAL use cases and for real utility, but SMVG Coin goes against this trend. SMVG Coin can be used to buy and earn unlimited SMVG coin with a great marketing plan. And the services at launch from SMVG Network, which has been vetted by the SMVG team, and SMVG aims to grow this network rapidly. The static rewards system is a concept that was pioneered by SMVG finance. It is a great option to keep users of the token engaged and utility of the token high. The reward amount is conditional upon the volume of the tokens in the marketplace, thus alleviating sell pressure put on the token by early purchasers. In addition, the mechanism encourages people to hold on to their tokens, initially to earn rewards via reflections in the market, and over time to spend on real-world products as utility grows. Also SMVG coin has so many upcoming attractive features.

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