Project Features

In the biggest traditional venture capital industry an individual with low investment can’t enter that means it is quite impossible to invest with a low investment. But SMVG Coin is the exceptional in the challenging huge investment industry. In the tradition business industry, an individual can participate by tokenization of business models with a very low investment. And by this process SMVG Coin has so many innovative Features. Follow as follows:


There will be always offer in the SMV Finance on trade like buy and sell. In the early stage members can buy tokens from SMVG Coin DAPP at a very cheap rate. There will also be a huge referrals bonus, and all the mechanisms will be held on SMVG Coin own platform in a steady way of decentralization.

Secure Payment Method

SMVG Coin will be working in as secure payment method. It will be working as online payment system through blockchain. Payment transaction will be in a secure process and steady way.

Early Bonus Paid

Members will get their rewards instantly when using our marketing plan. Payment will be made from crypto currency exchange or Local Agent. It will help our members to grow their own business. In this process anyone can be the share percentage of the Project.

Smart Referrals Percentage

It’s a great opportunity to earn money to connect in our smart referrals percentage features. Those who purchase a minimum number of tokens can be joined in our referrals program. So buy SMVG coin and start your own business by marketing and earning huge money.

SMVG has a unique rewarding platform which rewards holders with tokens by creating accounts, Purchasing, referring friends, and participating in the community, and by simply holding tokens. This maximizes community involvement and thereby rewards the most active members of the community.

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