Plan & Programs

SMVG Coin is the world’s first-ever platform that strives to democratize the access to and ownership of marketing which dedicated properties like purchased tokens, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and Metaverse with attractive referrals team and earnings. This is a Binance Smart Chain based platform for all and also it plans to make a committed commercial center whereby purchased tokens and property will be accessible on lease for understudies over the globe with a couple of snaps in the most cost-effective way. Plan is to implement multi chain in the near future.

Most attractive Programs are as below:

Money Exchange

SMVG Finance will launch an exclusive Exchange in the real crypto world where anyone can trade, purchase, sell Tokens/Coins as well as can interchange the virtual world properties like NFT and Metaverse. SMVG Finance really focuses high on this topic and it will make us different to others.

DAPPs (Decentralized Apps)

Now a day’s Decentralized Apps (DAPPs) is the most prominent feature to a crypto project. We are proud to announce that SMV Coin (SMVG) will be going to launch DAPPs on its own platform. Then it will be easier to our members to connect in the real world to virtual world to Buy/Sell NFT and Metaverse instantly. Team is working to prepare and hope very soon it will be launched.

Smart Earning

Our best plan is to make self sufficient to our members those who are engaged with us. We offer all of the people from the entire world to connect with us to become self reliable in the field of financial sector. We can understand now that it’s really need a person to be self sufficient in the pandemic situation. We have a great innovation of Smart Earning through a great marketing plan. Anyone can earn from any corner of the world to become a member in our community. We will reveal it in the early stage of the project.

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